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Water Bores Perth

Bores Perth

"You guys were great, I smile when I see all that free water....and the new bore gives my old sprinkler system way more pressure....happy with price too" .

G.R. Melville  

Bores Perth

" It's been a couple of  months now and I can't even see where the bore was drilled. Thanks for the cheerful service"

Larry H.

Bores Perth


Bores Perth

Welcome to Bores Perth

Despite the hot dry summers in Perth, we are fortunate to have a readily available supply of quality ground water.

Water bores in Perth are common supplying vast amounts of nutrient rich water to keep our gardens and lawns lush and green.

The use of bore water for gardens helps to keep the treated scheme water available for other domestic uses and helps to avoid expensive water consumption fees.


Home owners in Perth have the advantage over many other cities around the world in that the ground water is quite shallow and easily accessible.

There are mostly two types of Water Bores in Perth, these are:

  • the old well style commonly put down until the late 1980’s
  • modern submersible pump style.

It is easy to identify the older well style bores across Perth as these usually have a concrete well liner and the metal conical bore lid. Once the lid is opened, usually there is a centrifugal pump sitting at the bottom.

More recent and modern water bores in Perth are much different. 

Hidden from view, a modern submersible bore pump operates quietly deep beneath the ground with no visible tell tale signs that they are even there.

Being of a stainless steel cylinder, shaped like a torpedo, submersible bore pumps are designed to be suspended at the bottom of a 100mm diameter PVC bore casing.

The bore casing is finely slotted to allow the water in which is then pumped to the surface. Around the outer of the bore casing is gravel-packed with finely graded river sands to act as a filter.

More details of modern water bore construction can be found on our water bore page.

Conditions of the ground vary considerably across Perth so it is imperative to do some research before drilling.

For convenience, the Perth Groundwater Atlas is the WA Government Department of Water database that indicates drilling conditions likely to be experienced on properties throughout Perth metropolitan area.

Also indicated is probable depth to water and anticipated bore water quality.

At Virgin Bores we are able to utilize the Perth Groundwater Atlas database, combining this with our extensive local knowledge and experience drilling water bores Perth.

This means we can predict with reasonable accuracy the depth to water at your property and allows us to provide a written quotation in advance of any work.

Please call us on 1300 734 300 to enquire as to the cost of a water bore and also the probable depth to water at your property.

Without obligation, we will assess your needs and design a bore using the available groundwater specifically to suit your irrigation/reticulation requirements.

Use our local experience and our bulk buying capacity to ensure you are offered the best value and most competitive price on your new Perth water bore.

For all enquiries about a water bore in Perth
please call today on 1300 734 300 or
complete the online form here

Bores Perth  
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